Press Release of IKTINOS HELLAS SA regarding the award in European Business Awards

IKTINOS HELLAS SA informs the investing public that it has qualified for the final stage of the European Business Awards 2017/18 competition where the best companies in Europe were awarded the “National Winner”. The competition was attended by 2,898 companies from 34 countries, and 11 leading Greek companies are among the leading European companies, including IKTINOS HELLAS SA

The European Business Awards are the largest and most important entrepreneurial awards in Europe open to all businesses regardless of size or industry

The main objective of the European Business Awards is to create a European business community that represents best business practices, innovation and entrepreneurial ethics, rewarding businesses that display all these values.

The evaluation of the companies taking part in the awards takes place every year by the European Business Awards jury, which is made up of distinguished executives from the academic and business world of Europe.

The final of the awards will take place in Poland on 23 May 2018.

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